I played many slot games in online casino, every event have different functions, bonuses, playing style and rules etc. Every event contains an enjoyment and thrill of different level.  While finding a new game, if something looks like we are familiar with whether with the name of that event or anything, then the things comes very interesting and comfortable.

I love gambling and I always try to play new games which are easily available on the websites. I used to play more often but one day when I was surfing on the internet I found a new event which was named like Froot Loot. There are many fruit machines available on the net and Froot Loot is itself fully based on the theme of fruits and all the symbols which are used in this are also different fruit, the graphics of this one is awesome and player can easily be attracted by its name and theme. I found a video there in which a demo was given through which users can easily understand the game’s rules and instructions.

Froot loot is a 3-reel and single payline machine which is designed by microgaming. This slot machine is based on fruit themes, there are no wild and scatter symbols on the reel,and players can match the symbol of same fruits on the reels from left to right and try to make hits in an order. In this event we can bet up to max $5 coins and get to win the slot machine. In first spin I bet on minimum coin size and the range was $0.025, I make many spins winning and rewarded with amazing bonus and free spins. The jackpot of this event is fixed on 2500 coins.

I played it many times and never got bored with this, if you also play this contest  or any other, you can simply go on the website of online gambling contest and search about the pokies which you  will like to play and get the chance to winning exciting cash prizes, lot of bonus code and free spins.

To know more please visit the video.